Residential Window Cleaning

We are experts in unique architectural homes! Some of the amazing homes that we have had the pleasure of cleaning over the years have taught us techniques to deal with unique situations! Pond/Pool in the way? Deeply recessed windows? Louvred unwalkable sunroof with windows above?

We love and rise to a challenge. Please don’t think because you have a small home or apartment that we are too big for you either, we look after everyone’s needs. “Any building, no matter the challenge” is our company motto.

We have unique professional tools to clean your windows, flyscreens, tracks and many other surfaces to the highest standard possible.
We are the best of the best.

No scrappers – here at Pristine Window Cleaning we are leading the industry My removing razors/scrapers from regular use. Previously window
cleaners could use razor blades with no issues but modern Tempered and Low-E glass does not allow for these techniques. Many window cleaners are stubbornly holding on to the past and not accepting that it can’t be
done safely with a guarantee. So we no longer use them. This is also fantastic for Employee safety as Razor Blades are a leading cause of injury in our industry.

No Ladders – We use modern equipment of the highest quality to clean
windows safely from the ground. We have invested heavily in time, finance and energy to perfect this skill. While others are just getting started, we have been using pure water and water-fed poles for 10+ years. Experience counts.

Standard Residential Window Cleaning Services Include:

A full guarantee of our workmanship

Detailing of edges, sills and streak free windows

7 day rain guarantee

Full respect of customers property

Police Cleared, Professional, Insured and Uniformed Staff.