Additional Services

Solar Panel Cleaning

So you have installed solar panels to capture all of the amazing energy our sun provides.. awesome! Did you know that after 5 years your panels have lost 30% production. Periodic maintenance can help your panels perform at their best and protect your warranty. We use only purified water and NO CHEMICALS! This is the only way that professional solar panel cleaning companies clean panels. If you have flat panels they require frequent maintenance as they gather a lot more dust than angled panels which receive some rinsing from the rain (please do not think they are completely self cleaning ) much like your car doesn’t stay clean when sitting out in the weather even after a good rain!

Pressure Washing

Pristine Window Cleaning offers pressure cleaning as a service for both Commercial and Domestic clients wanting a complete clean. Why hire separate service contractors for multiple associated tasks.

More often than not contractors either mess each other’s work up or get in the way.

Why not let Team Pristine clean your gutters, wash your building to ground level, pressure clean your floors/ driveways and then clean your windows? We will leave the whole building sparkling.

Ask about our multiple services’ discount:
Windows Only – Normal price
Windows and Pressure Cleaning – 10% Discount on Pressure Cleaning
Windows, Pressure Cleaning and Building Wash Down – 15% on Pressure Cleaning and Building Wash down.
Windows, Pressure Cleaning, Building Wash Down and Gutters – 20% on Pressure Cleaning, Building Wash Down and gutters.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is one of those jobs that EVERYONE dislikes! It’s dangerous, dirty and hot in the summer! Lucky for you we just so happen to LOVE a challenge. Let us take care of this time consuming job, leaving your gutters to do theirs.

Ask about our multiple service discount and we can do the gutters before we clean the windows.

Glass Restoration

Never a bad word to say about our wonderful city, except the WATER! Tastes good, looks good, great for your teeth, but not so good for your windows. The high calcium/mineral content means that if hosed down or in constant contact with sprinklers, the glass will gradually begin to absorb the minerals leaving behind a stain impregnated in the glass making it impossible to clean with a mop and squeegee.

Pristine Window Cleaning can restore your calcium affected windows and shower screens at an additional charge.

Sick and tired of it looking messy, no matter how hard you scrub? Just ask us and we can return your shower to new again leaving you grinning from ear to ear.

Note: This makes many properties in Perth unsuitable for Pure Water Window Cleaning which is why we are selective as to the properties we apply it to.

New glass with new frames generally speaking responds very well to Pure Water providing a superior result to traditional window cleaning for high access windows. However, old oxidized frames, stained glass and colonial style windows with poor untreated wooden frames do not respond well and will leach the minerals from the frames or pull the cheaper paint or flakes from splintered colonial frames.

If you have scratched glass please contact us for a

Glass Protection

This is a relatively new product to the Perth Market. At Pristine Window Cleaning we are certified applicators of Enduroshield (Professional). Please don’t confuse this with the DIY version at Bunnings and Bathroom shops. This is the best of the best used on some of the biggest buildings in the world to reduce maintenance and protect glass from staining. The product is guaranteed to last for 8 years when applied to existing restored glass and 10 years when applied to brand new glass. If you are currently building please consider  protecting all windows/glass that comes into contact with water  (showerscreen, windows near sprinklers) If you appreciate perfectly clean glass, you will be thankful on the long run.

External Building Softwashing

As we progress in design we are adding more and more materials to the external of buildings that do not suit Pressure Washing…so how do we clean them? We use a chemical free solution to gently agitate the dirt and then flush it away with the bare minimum water great for water sensitive areas like roof lines that you don’t want water blasted behind.

Flyscreen Repairs and Rejuvenation

We love shines new screens!

Maintaining flyscreens can be crucial to a home’s appearance and functionality especially in the summer. Holes in screens and loose, poorly constructed frames let all sorts of creatures in!.

We can replace the screen mesh or put in new seals to keep it taught and stop the bugs creeping in.

We also wet/dry clean screens as part of a regular clean.

If you would like to have your flyscreens stored for the winter as they do in the U.S then let us know. This gives you a more open feel to the home especially threw areas with high glass volume. A lot of modern homes are being built with less screens/sliding windows as air-conditioning is now a standard on most new homes it is unnecessary to have all the windows open (previously used for ventilation).