About Us

About Pristine Window Cleaning

Our story is unique, just like everyone else’s.

Formed back in 2003 out of a desire to keep giving quality service to the community. Our CEO/Owner Lewis Kent found himself window cleaning back in his early 20’s after injuring his back lifting heavy things! He was offered  flexible employment with a friend who taught him as much as he knew (the bare basics) before moving down to Mandurah, leaving Lewis with no job, a few tools of the trade and an old wooden ‘A’ frame ladder.

During the early years he worked solo learning many things over time through trial and error.  These many observations have now been passed on to all Pristine Window Cleaning Employee’s to provide consistent, reliable and high quality service no matter what the size of your needs. We have learnt what works and what doesn’t with almost 20 years experience we are here to look
after all of your cleaning maintenance needs.

A Higher Standard of Service

We use the worlds no1 squeegee’s and the highest quality rubber. We only use the best mops with colour coded super fine mop sleeves , the best detailing cloths, drop cloths, we wear booties inside when needed, we use ladder protectors, The list goes on.

Flexible Working Hours

Our office and technicians are available from 5am-12am(Midnight) We are available Saturdays if you are at work during the week and would like to meet us.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We are not happy unless you are happy.

Pure Water Technology

Early pioneers with r/o and deionization We were proudly one of the first to invest in the Ionics brand which has grown in to one of the world leaders in water fed poles and pure water technology.

Meet the team

Pristine Window Cleaning is a local Perth family owned business. Lewis and Melanie lead a team of amazing staff with William (Accounts), Phil (Bookkeeper), Gary (Lead Technician), Sean, Rachael and David (Technicians).